AI Risk Management: Deepfakes

AI Risk Management: Deepfakes

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‘Deepfake’ technology is all about faking content, and is becoming more sophisticated and accessible to malicious actors. Generally, these are created using a deep learning model called GAN (generative adversarial network), which are trained on both the source data and the fake data (target set). These are combined to create a deepfake that cannot be distinguished from the real image.

As AI technology becomes easier to use, this risk/problem is getting worse.

Key risks include

  • damaging peoples reputations
  • blackmail and extortion
  • spread of misinformation
  • national security

On the flip side, deepfakes are useful for creating realistic special effects for TV/Movies.

How do we mitigate these risks?

  • Check the authenticity of all information
  • Be critical of anything you read or see online
  • Use tools or resources to detect deepfakes