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Key Features

The spark of our engine - the features that sets us apart.

Architected for Individual and Enterprise Use

FireGPT solution is custom-built with individuals, small business and enterprise needs in mind. We specifically allow for in-country data storage, privacy, security and scalability.

AI Chatbot Training with Your Data

Unlock the full potential of FireGPT for personalized AI chatbot trained with your data and tailored to your unique needs. Use FireGPT to create your own chatbots that not only deliver pinpoint accuracy but also seamlessly integrate with your operations.

Robust Security Measures

At FireGPT, we understand the importance of data security and sovereignty. We offer in-country data storage and adhere to rigorous security protocols, employing state-of-the-art encryption methods, stringent access controls, and constant monitoring to ensure that your data is stored securely.

Data Governance and Compliance

FireGPT empowers you to develop personalized, trained chatbots while seamlessly adhering to your organisation’s data governance and sovereignty regulations. Whether your data serves your internal team or external purposes, FireGPT enables precise audience segmentation to prevent any unintended data exposure.

How FireGPT Works

FireGPT harnesses the potential of large language models to deliver rapid, accurate responses based on your enterprise data.

Data Collection and Pre-processing

  • Gather all relevant data including text conversations, FAQs, text files, word, pdf, powerpoint and other files that hold relevant data for the business processes.
  • Cleanse the data by removing irrelevant information and annotating the dataset by marking the Q&A and other elements to help the chatbot understand the context.
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Data Ingestion and Training

  • FireGPT give you the freedom to select the natural language processing model that best suits your data governance needs.
  • The annotated custom dataset collection is then ingested by the selected model for training on your specific dataset and business nuances.
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Evaluation and Retraining

  • Your chatbot is now ready for testing with real users. It is important to continuously evaluate the chatbot’s performance by gathering feedback to identify areas for improvement. Retraining your chatbot based on chat history, feedback and updated datasets is crucial to keeping your model relevant and current.
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Deployment and Maintenance

  • Once satisfied with the chatbot's performance, FireGPT will generate a code that you can use to embed your custom chatbot on your desired platform or channel, such as a website, messaging app, or customer support system for the target audience.
  • FireGPT gives administrators the access to regularly update and maintain their chatbots to keep up to date with changing data and needs.
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Compliance and Security

  • Every step of the way, FireGPT upholds stringent data security and governance standards
  • Opting for FireGPT means adopting a tailored, all-encompassing conversational AI solution for for your business, fortified with robust security measures, and crafted to leverage the full potential of your data to deliver exceptional user experiences.
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About Us

Your partner in AI-Driven Innovation

FireGPT, a dynamic business unit of Milestones Technology Group, embodies a commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of AI-driven solutions. We are passionate about reshaping the way businesses and individuals interact with technology. With deep-rooted expertise in technology enabled business process transformation and pursuit of cutting-edge AI advancements, FireGPT stands as a beacon of precision and reliability.

Our mission is to empower individuals, small businesses, and enterprises by providing state-of-the-art conversational AI solutions, all while maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and security. Together with Milestones Technology Group, we continue to break new ground and set milestones in the realm of AI innovation.

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